A Dinner… An idea… An Energy Boneyard website

Nov 25, 2015 admin 1 comments
A group of us were out having dinner and were discussing how much inventory is laying around in boneyards all over the countryside.   "How much is some of this stuff worth?" we asked.  "Why is no one selling it or recycling it?".  Is it just too much of a hassle?  Maybe.  

We designed Energy Boneyard on the notion that there is a market for all the unused or surplus inventory we've seen piled up in boneyards throughout the energy industry.   

The discussion empowered us to build a platform making it easier for energy industry professionals to market and promote inventory in their boneyards.   Boneyards that simply need promotion through an easy to use interface and a very pleasant end user experience.  

Welcome to Energy Boneyard!  


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Nov 20, 2015
Good luck - sounds like a great concept to bring to market!