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What is Energy Boneyard?

An online warehouse to streamline
the search and sourcing
of materials, equipment and

What is EBY?


An online warehouse built by Energy professionals to streamline the search and sourcing of materials, equipment and services. Finding what you need is now as simple as pressing a button. Whether you're looking to purchase or post, EBY’s expanded network will provide you with the largest audience in the shortest amount of time.

Why Energy Boneyard?

Tailored for the energy industry,
providing high visibility for
products and to search for items

Why EBY?


EBY is specifically tailored for the energy industry. The cutting edge design of the website was built with the user in mind. Increasing your network, providing high visibility for your products and the ability to search for key items quickly….. why not EBY?

Who is Energy Boneyard?

Energy professionals with a vision
to streamline the way the
industry buys, sells and manages

Who is EBY?


We are energy professionals with a collective experience of 50+ years both locally and internationally in oil, gas, power, operations, mega projects, engineering and maintenance. In our experience, the current process to source key items, while unloading excess inventory is inefficient and we created EBY as a solution. EBY’s team vision is to streamline the way the energy industry buys and sells products and manages inventory. By doing this on-line we are able to reach the maximum amount of people in the shortest amount of time.

EBY Community Blog

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